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Re: Does Your 335 Have That Magic 'Woody' Tone???

I own 2 recent Gibson 335's so I can only opin about the few others I have tried .
I'm not sure ,what you mean by "woody" but I would presume it has to do with the Pickups more then the guitar . Not being an expert ,in any way or thought . If my tone was not what I was looking for ,would swap the harness and Pups . Imo , It's the guitar and how it feels and plays that has been improved upon in the last 2 years .
I think , working with a guitar that talks to you ,but needs a push ,to get it to where you want it is all good . And ,imo normal .

Nothing is the way things were and how we remember them .
And Gibson has made a clear line between USA and CS guitars. I agree USA's for the most part are not the CS =

My Memphis Blister top 335 is all that and more . Converted me into playing the 3X5's over LP's . I also have a close 2nd. 345 which is right up there next to it .
Gibson uses the wood available . Nothing can be done about that . And it does differ from 1 guitar to the next .
Finding the 1 that gives you what your looking for ,in todays market can be difficult . which is why so many post about the need to try as many as you can .

The Guitars Set up is also needed to be addressed . Once you get a guitar set up well , it can seems like a different guitar. Finding it's sweet spot can take time and patients . Both of mine did and I'm still working on the 345's set up . But I did just get her back a few weeks ago , so another month of tweaking and she should be perfect . IMO , this factor is the most effective for eval'ing a guitar .
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